Although Singapore is a small country, a multi racial society, most outlets require both Chinese, Muslim, Indian, Japanese and Western cuisine.

  1. The Chinese Menu includes Local food, Chinese Asian, and vegetarian food.
  2. The Malay Menu is not simply meant for the Malays, it is also suitable for consumption of all races. Even the Caucasians enjoy the food.
  3. The Indian Menu includes Indian Vegetarian Foods and are applicable for all races.
  4. The Western and Japanese Cuisine are popular amongst customers, except the Malays Racial as it is not Halal.

The perfect service is the life of a company; we based on the prior factors like price, quality and hygiene of food to be served to customers. We have emphasized greatly on the kitchen hygiene. Our staffs are required to attend training courses to equip them with proper customer service and practise proper kitchen hygiene habits.

Our upper management is stationed in the outlet so as to ensure that foods are kept fresh. They are required to put on their uniforms, gloves and name tags whilst on duty so as to ensure that there will be total customer satisfaction, and also portray a customer friendly image at all times. We have made a joint effort with our staff; excellent cooking skill, hygienic and return of appraisal from customers. In addition, Singapore Ministry of Environment had also given us an excellent grade of appreciation.

Now, we are sincerely doing our best to upgrade our menu, and put more effort into the business. We hope to serve our customers sincerely and welcome feedbacks to bring our business to a higher level.

In-Door Service

  • Staff Canteen and Cafeteria
  • School Canteen and Hostel Meals
  • Hotel Staff Meals Canteen
  • Nursing Home Residents and Staff Meals

Out-Door Service

  • Anniversary
  • Buffet
  • House Warming
  • Packet Meal
  • Tea Reception
  • Wedding


  1. Our staff have to attend a series of food hygiene courses provided by NEA, before their first day of work.
  2. Staffs are required to put on their uniforms whilst on duty, portray image of customer- friendliness at all times so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.
  3. Our staffs are required to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and kitchen equipment. This refers to washing and sterilization of utensils every time after cooking.
  4. Our management will be appointed to monitor the freshness of food, and make sure there is sufficient food to be sold to customers.
  5. When purchasing raw materials, our management must ensure that the foods are healthy and safe for consumption. All dealers must have valid documents from primary production boards.